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14. Forfeits


14.1. A forfeit may be claimed if opposition cannot field the minimum team of five players within 5 minutes from  commencement of games.

14.2. If a court and umpires are available and the opposing team has five players, then play must commence on time. A forfeit may be claimed if this team refused to play.

14.3. Teams claiming forfeits should complete and have captains sign the score sheet as usual, if forfeit has not been notified beforehand. 


14.4. All players registered in the team receiving forfeit will be recorded as playing. 


14.5. Where a game is in progress and a team forfeit, the opposing team is awarded game points for that game, however each team retain their score. 


14.6. Notified Forfeits – Junior Games (Saturdays)
a. Any team aware that it will forfeit a match, must advise in writing to the relevant Registrar by 6pm on the day prior to game day. If any team does not meet this timeline a 2 point loss will apply to the current tally. 

b. In the event of the notified forfeit, the relevant Registrar is to notify the team delegate receiving the forfeit as well as the umpire’s convener who will then notify the relevant umpire.

14.7. Notified Forfeits – Senior Games
a. Any team aware that it will forfeit a match, must advise in writing to the relevant Registrar by 3pm on the day of the game. If any team does not meet this timeline a $50.00 fee will be payable to NBNA before the team takes the court the following game day.

14.8. All forfeits must be in writing to both the following communication channels:
a. Google Form:
b. Nelson Bay Netball Association Facebook Messenger page
c. If you are unable to utilise Facebook Messenger, please email both: and


14.9. Any team who forfeits 3 games throughout the season may be withdrawn from the competition at the discretion of the Nelson Bay Netball Association Committee. Training and grading games do not count as a forfeit. 


14.10.Adverse weather and forfeits:
a. In the event of adverse weather, teams who have completed a notified NBNA of a forfeit prior to NBNA cancelling the game, (e.g. adverse weather conditions) the forfeit carries forward to the replay date (if applicable). The forfeit will stand with the forfeiting team being awarded 0 points, and the opposing team being awarded 2 points. 
b. If the team notifies NBNA after the cut off time of a forfeit as mentioned above then NBNA cancels play due to  adverse weather, the fine system will still apply. 

NBNA Competition Policy | Version 2.4 Updated 28.06.2024

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